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GeReLeC supplies pet eating pads for dogs and cats. Pet heating pad promotes blood circulation and relieve muscle stiffness and dog arthritis. Pet heated blanket is perfect for newborn and pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness and injury. Large heating pad can help pets cats, dogs, rabbits to stay warm and comfortable . This electric heated pets beds offers 104F/130F temperature settings. You can choose the best temperature to ensure slumber pet warming. Built-in heating pad thermostat when the temperature is too high (over 131F ), the temperature control line will be automatically closed to protect the safety of pets. With the resistant material, durable afford fiber and chewing-resistant Cord, safety for your pets. Available in different Sizes: 4545cm; 4560cm; 40*60cm; Diameter 35cm, you can choose the suitable one for your pets.

Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Marble Tiles and Slate Tiles.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to test the pet heating pad?

Place a blanket, pillow or other insulating object over part of your heating pad. After operating 30-40 minutes, place your hands under the pad to experience the warmth your pet will enjoy.

2. What is the difference between a human heating pad and a heated pet mat?

The heated pet mat provides a subtle heat, which is the natural body temperature of dogs and cats. A regular human heating pad will be much too warm and could damage a pet's skin and cause him/her to be afraid of the heat source.

3. Can I put this heating pad outside on a porch in my pet house?

No. This product is not intended for outdoor use. It is not designed to output enough heat for the cold outdoor temperatures of winter.

4. Are the pet warming pad water-resistant?

The pet warming pad inner is water-resistant. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The removable fleece cover is not water-resistant.

5. Is there an off/on switch?

There is not an off/on switch. The heating pad will start to work when plugged in. It is easy to use and require no adjustment.


- Never bunch up or fold a heating pad while in use.

- The pad inside may be cleaned with a damp cloth when unplugged.

- Please do not use a blanket or pillow with your pet heating pad when it is working.


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