About Underfloor Insulation

We offer a professional floor insulation service using Marmox Board. Its strength and thermal insulation properties make them the ideal product to use under the floor heating elements. Without proper floor insulation, a great part of the heat created by underfloor heaters are lost downwards to the concrete slab. When Marmox Boards are used, most of the heat created by the heating element is reflected upwards, and you will find that after switching on your heating, the floor will warm up much quicker.

We have also found that adding floor insulation to your home or office will automatically improve the room temperature, even without underfloor heating elements. Gerelec offers a professional service in floor insulation within Gauteng including Johannesburg and Pretoria. Over the years we have built a strong reputation using only the best materials and qualified installers.

Further Applications of floor insulation:

- No limitations for applications.
- Can be fixed to walls.
- Can be fixed on top of existing tiles.
- They make ideal insulated ceiling boards.
- Ideal for renovation work.
- Used in areas where a plaster board is used, Marmox board is stronger and lighter.
- Surface may be tiled over if used as partitioning or shower walling.
- Can be fixed on timber floors. 

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